Our approach to whiskey tastings

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We have organised whiskey events for years and know what works for our clients, whether national or international. We are proud of our approach to these events and the reasons that make us distinct.

Independent - We have no affiliation to particular brands or distilleries. So we can offer a wide range of whiskies to suit our clients' needs and all with an unbiased approach.

Passionate - Clients leave our events having obtained a greater interest in whiskey from the passion our whiskey tasters have for our national spirit.

Sensory - Admiring golden colours, discovering hidden aromas and appreciating a smooth finish is how our clients discover what wonderful variety and complexity whiskey has to offer.

Tailor made events

All our whiskey events are designed to suit any occasion, can be held at any venue and can be run in several formats. They could be pre or post dinner, part of another event and even as the main event of the night. Some of the many examples include;

  • World Whiskey Challenges, comparing Irish, Scottish and American whiskies and learn about their distinct differences.
  • Whiskey presentations or talks, with a high level of guest participation. For large groups before dinner or after any group event.
  • Malt Master Class. For whiskey lovers with the desire to learn more.
  • Tasting stalls as an integral part of a larger event.